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Gettin Fit with Jenn Shoulder workout

If you are like me your time is limited. During the week my workouts start at 4:30am. I am a very early riser because I have to leave my house by Six. Home workout and having equipment readily available is imperative to my success. Today's workout was a good one. Try this for your next workout. You can do it at home or the Gym. You only need a few pieces of equipment.

Workout Break down

Shoulders and Speed Rope.

Superset 1x 4

Clean and press x 10

Alternate foot step (AFS) x 10

Superset 2 x 4

Standing shoulder press x 10

AFS X 100

Superset 3 x 4

Single arm reverse fly x 10

AFS X 100

Superset 4 x 4

Plate front raise x 10

AFS x 100

Superset 5 x 4

Single Arm Kettlebell Clean and Press x 10

AFS x 100

DId you workout today? What did you train?


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