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No Equipment Body weight booty workout.

So last night was a little ruff. I got home from the gym training Clients around 6PM only to find I had no power in the house. Little did I know that it went out at 5:30. I had the pleasure of being one of 15 people who did not have power in Va Beach last night. Fast forward 15 hours latter and power is finally restored. Needless to say it was a long long sleepless night.

I am not one to beable to sleep in dead silence in the house. All night long all i could hear was my fur children either panting, licking, or scratching. Every sound that was made in the house I heard. However despite running on zero to little sleep I still manged to roll out a kick ass workout after I fueled up on WaWA coffee.

The workout I put together this morning requires zero equipment. You can do the jump rope drills simple by just mimicing jumping in place or jogging in place. I do however highly recomment a speed rope. It is the most fun ever. The burpees with a Bosu ball just do a regular burpee.

Here's the break down. It was a good sweat fest this morning.

Body weight booty workout.

Speed rope warm up x 5 minutes

Superset 1 x 4

  • Wall Glute bridge both legs x 15

  • Single leg wall bridge x15/leg (feet on wall)

  • Speed rope X 1 minute

Superset 2 x 4

  • Side 45 degree angle leg raise x 30 / leg

  • Rainbow x 15 /leg

  • Speed rope X 1 minute

Superset 3 x 4

  • Lying leg circles 30 clockwise 30 counter clockwise per leg

  • speed rope X 1 minute

Superset 4 x 4

  • Single leg squat x15 /leg

  • Speed rope X 1 minute

Superset x4

  • Boss burpee x 10

  • Connecter squat to side crunch x15 /side

Straight set. X 4

  • Low pulse stationary lunges x20/leg


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