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Gettin Fit with Jenn Bi's and Tri WOD

Getting fit with Jenn workout of the day

It doesn’t have to be crazy. Just pick three exercises for each body part you are working and do four sets of each exercise. Today was Biceps and triceps for me. I did throw in some speed rope drills to practice more and added in a few ab exercises in the mix as well.

Bicep and Tricep workout of the Day

Speed Rope warm up 5 minutes.

Superset 1 x 4

  • Tricep rope press down x 15

  • Bicep Cable Hammer curl x 10

  • Decline sit ups x 20

  • Speed rope x 100 turns

Superset 2 x 4

  • Single arm cable tricep press down x 10 per arm

  • Supinated Concentration curls x 10 per arm

  • Hanging leg raises x 15

  • Speed rope x 100 turns

Superset 2 x 4

  • Preacher curl x 10

  • Tricep pushups x 10

  • Heal touches x 50

  • Speed rope x 100 turns.


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