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Gettin Fit with Jenn WOD Chest and ABS

Gettin FIt with Jenn WOD Chest An ABS

Today workout was all about the Chest and abs. I love to mix in my Ab exercises with I do strength training. It keeps you heart rate up and it keeps the boredom down. I am not one to waste time and just sitting and waiting for the rest period to be over seems kind of a waste to me. This is why I throw in Speed rope drills in the mix or ab exercise. This gives me the cardio effect and I don't need to do cardio at all.

Todays workout was as follows

Chest and ABS

4 sets of each superset 10-15 reps per exercise.

Superset 1x 4

1. Flat Chest Press x 10

2. Decline sit ups x 15

Superset 2 x 4

1. Peck Deck Fly x 10

2. Crunch with plate x 20

Superset 3 x 4

1. Incline Chest Press x 10

1. Plate wood choppers x 10 per side

Superset 4 x 4

1. Dumbbell Fly x 10

2. Russian Twist x 50 with plate

Single Set 4 x 10

Plate Close Grip Chest Press

Wood Choppers

Plate Chest Press


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