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Gettin Fit with Jenn Legs and Tricep Suck it up Buttercup workout featuring Stuffed Grump Cat.

Suck it up Buttercup Featuring My Stuffed Grumpy Cat.

Today's workout is about having fun, and using what you have available to you. Workouts should not be boring. You enjoy your workout so you will want to do it daily, Today's workout can be done completely at home with only a couple of things.

All you need for today's workouts is a chair or a step stool, and a cat, dog, or small child. I usd my stuffed Grump Cat because I don't have a real cat and my dog is to chunky to be lifting up and pressing over my head.

Workout Break down is as follows.

Do four rounds of 10 reps per exercise

1. Step up Right press over head.

2. Step up left press over head

3. Tricep push ups

4. Mountain climbers

5. Dips

6. Single leg squat left

7. Single leg Squat Right

I hope you enjoy this silly but effective workout.

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