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Gettin Fit with Jenn Upper body Circuit workout

Gettin Fit with Jenn Upper Body Circuit workout

Do each exercise of the circuit. Only rest after you have completed each exercise.

Do four rounds of each circuit before moving on to the next circuit.

Warm up 50kb swings 100 front punches with Dumbbells

Circuit 1 4 x 10-15 each side

Tricep straight bar press down

Assisted pull ups

Wide bicep curls

Upright row

Reverse pec deck fly

Single arm pull down

Arnold press

Circuit 2 4 x 10-15 each side

Incline press

Face pulls

Cable overhead press

Supinated curls

Chest Flys

Side Lateral raise

Circuit 3 4 x 10-15 each side

Single arm cable row

Tricep push-ups

Decline sit ups

Down dog crunch

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