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Back Training with Gettin Fit with Jenn

Today was Back day. It's my absolute favorite body part to train. I always feel strong and powerful on back day. Muscle is sexy on both guys and gals. Pick up some iron ladies. Cardio is great but it won't give ya shape.

Today's workout was as follows

All in superset fassion.

4 sets of each superset 15 -20 reps per exercise.

1. Bent over wide grip cable low row x 15

2. Battle rope Slams x 15

1. Bent over cable rope close grip low row x 15

2. Battle rope slams x 15

1. Cable straight bar Pull downs x 15

2. kettlebell swings x 20

1. Halo x 10 each direction

2. Speed rope X foot cross

1. wide grip Lat Pull down x 15

2. kettlebell swings

1. single arm Kettlebell row x 15 per arm

2. X foot cross

Battle Rope Power slams

Battle ropes are a fun and unconventional addition to many gyms across the county and an effective way to tone your whole body. Although sometimes difficult and unforgiving, they are a tool that allows for multiple uses throughout the workout and can really add much-needed variety to a dull, repetitive workout plan, as well as being a great way to burn calories.

How to perform a Power Slam

Grabbing the ropes with a closed grip, get into a quarter-squat position with your arms at rest. With a rope in each hand, raise your arms, forcibly flex and extend your shoulders, and slam the rope as you squat. After you slam, extend at the hip and stand up, returning to the starting position.

Kettlebell Swings

1.Begin with your feet hip distance apart, both hands on the handle. 2.Bend your knees and hinge from your hips to swing the kettlebell between your legs. 3.Straighten your legs and swing the kettlebell to chin height. Repeat for 90 seconds, creating momentum in the swing. (Let your gluteals and hamstrings, not your shoulders, do the work.)

Kettlebell halo

1. Begin with your feet hip distance apart. Grab the kettlebell with the weight facing up, hands on both sides of the handle. Hold it at chest height. 2. Lift the kettlebell to the right side of your face and slowly circle it behind your head to the left side repeat then change directions.

X foot Cross

Kettlebell swing to High Pull

The kettlebell swing is a great exercise to increase posterior strength. Adding a high pull to the exercise increases your heart rate, which is great for cardio training, and builds shoulder strength. Start with your feet a bit wider than your hips. Grab the kettlebell with one hand in the middle of the handle. Drive your hips back while maintaining a slight bend in your knees. Then drive your hips forward swinging the kettlebell up to shoulder height. Here the kettlebell should reach zero gravity. Pull the kettlebell in toward your body engaging your shoulder. At full range of motion reverse the direction of the kettlebell pushing it away from the body as it starts to descend. Use your shoulders, core and hips to guide it back down in a fluid motion passing through the legs. Make sure repeat the same number of reps on the left side. This exercise increases your lung capacity and strengthens the shoulders, legs, glutes, hips and back. It's important to focus on form. Grab a kettlebell that will challenge your muscles while maintain appropriate form. If you can't maintain good form, lighten the weight.


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