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Gettin Fit with Jenn Tabata Abs Hiit workout of the day

Gettin Fit with Jenn Tabata Abs Hiit workout of the day

Tabata is 4 minutes of full out effort. It is not for the faint at heart. It is very challenging and when done properly burns fat like crazy. You can use any exercises you want to use during tabata. The key is to go full out ie you are about to die for that 20 second of work and then you have a 10 second recovery before you go as hard as humanly possible again. You repeat this for 8 total rounds. In the end its a 4 minute workout but it's 4 minutes of pure HELL.

Your workouts don't have to be long they just have to be effective. You want the minimum dose effort. Less is more folks when it comes to Cardio.

Here's how you Tabata

Tabata 20 seconds of work 10 seconds of rest Repeat for 8 rounds

Today's workouts break down is as follows. I chose to do more abdominal focused moves for this Tabata. You can choose any exercise you want to do.

  1. Standing Knee strike Left

  2. Standing Knee strike Right

  3. Standing side crunch left

  4. Standing side crunch right

  5. Cross body punches

  6. Upper cuts

  7. Cross body punches

  8. Upper cuts

Grab a towel and Follow along with me

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