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Shoulders and Jump Rope HIIT home workout

Shoulders and JUMP Rope HIIT Home Workout of the Day.

I am fortunate to have equipment at my house. I love having equipment at home because on the days I work I do want to have to go to the gym. I roll out of bed at 4 am so home workouts are a must for me to keep on track.

My top few peices of fitness equipment that everyone should have are as follows

  1. Bosu Ball

  2. Slam Ball

  3. Kettlebells

  4. Dumbbells or Bands

I also have a Spin bike. It takes up far less space than a Treadmill and cost a whole lot less. A spin bike can be used for anything from HIIT to LISS. All of this equipment can be purchased fairly inexpensivly. The Dumbbells and bands you can get at Five Below for 5 bucks a set. The Slam ball I got from Power Systems for fairly cheap. Kettlebells Can be purchased for fairly cheap with free shipping off of amazon. My kettlebells I have at home are competition bells so they are more pricey. They are easy to use when you are first learning to use a kettlebell. My Spin bike I got off ebay for cheap used. My Bosu ball came off of Craigs list for half the price you pay for it in the store. I am a bargin shopper. So shop around and find the best deals. If you are just starting out Marshal's Or TJmax also carry a lot of fitness equipment for cheap.

Shoulders and speed rope HIIT 4 rounds for time

Speed rope x 100

Kettlebell swings x 20

Speed rope x 100

Bosu ball burpee x 10

Speed rope x 100

Slam ball x 15

Speed rope x 100

Front punches with dumbbells x 50

Speed rope x 100

Kettlebell clean and Press x 10/ arm

Speed rope x 100

LISS 15 minutes spin bike to cool down

Kettlebell Cleans

KettleBell Clean and Press

Kettlebell Swings

Bosu Ball Burpee

Moving alternate foot step bounce step combo

Did you get your workout in today?


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